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The Relax Mat®
Patent Number 5899868

Product of Therapeutic Massage Clinic

The human body is amazing. There are 610 muscles in the body and at one time or another, any one of them or many of them will develop tight, knot-like areas known as trigger points. Trigger points have a number of causes such as overuse, injury, illness or even everyday stress. If you are looking down at this booklet right now and feel a burning sensation in your back, shoulders or arms, or if there is pain in your "sitting" muscles, the pain is most likely due to myofascial (muscle) trigger points. Now, if you were to press with your thumb into one of these spots, you will experience a "feel-good hurt." What is actually happening is that the pressure you're applying is "releasing" or softening these tight spots within the muscle.

The good news is that for as many tight, painful "trigger points" you can feel in your body, there are just as many uses for the Relax Mat®. To look at this tool, you might say, "What in the world could this be used for?" Yet once you use this "bodywork" tool to press into a tight, shortened, painful muscle you find that this strange-looking mat is nothing short of incredible! By using this Relax Mat® regularly and properly, you can experience significant relief from myofascial pain due to trigger points.

This web site will tell you about the Relax Mat® and show you how to use it on myofascial trigger points, using an array of press and stretch techniques such as HUG-A-MAT, PRESS-A-MAT, and even GLUT-A-MAT. Once you have learned the basic techniques, you can identify, chart, and use the Relax Mat® on your own personal array of trigger points.

The Relax Mat®
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